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Hey, Mom! Can we go to JOHNSON’S?

Looking for the perfect family outing? Look no more! All of the ingredients for a fun and memorable time that the entire family can enjoy are here at Johnson’s Corner Farm in Medford, N.J. Come experience hands-on  farming as you harvest your very own crops such as strawberries, snap peas, cherries, radishes, blueberries, cherry tomatoes, zucchini, sweet white corn, peaches, apples, pumpkins and much more! What could be better than sitting down to a meal of tasty fruits and vegetables that you plucked from the fields yourself? We grow a wide variety of crops with you and your family in mind.

Summer Picking and Hayride Schedule

 BLUEBERRIES \June 21 to July 26 M_F 10 to 1
S&S 10 to 4
SWEET CORN July 9 to Sept 6 M-F 10 to 1 
S&S 10 to 4
PEACHES July thru Aug 7 M-F 10 to 1 hourly
S&S 10 to 4


***NOTE: These dates are approximate and subject to change!!!

When the weather is hot…don’t forget that we have a SPLASH PAD and Free hayrides every Wednesday and Friday evening from 5 to 7


Enjoy the peak of the Summer Harvest! This season includes the picking of three of New Jersey’s most famous crops: Blueberries, Sweet Corn, and Peaches. One hayride ticket enables you to pick all three!

Blueberries are one of nature’s best antioxidants, and they taste great too! Our blueberry crop begins in mid June and continues through July.peaches.corn.blues 022

Cost $ 4 per hayrider, Blueberries $2.89 per lb.The Discovery Barnyard/Animal Farm we will be offered to all paid hayriders at 1/2 price. (children $4, adults $2)

There is nothing like the taste of Just Picked Sweet Corn followed by a dessert of blueberries and peaches! We cultivate twenty-five plantings of corn Bluberries peachesJohnson’s Famous Sweet Corn. We do this to ensure that there is always a planting at the peak of its flavor.

Cost $ 4 per hayrider, 48 cents per ear The Discovery Barnyard/Animal Farm we will be offered to all paid hayriders at 1/2 price. (children &4, adults $2)

If you have never sunken your teeth into a juicy Tree Ripe Peach you have yet to experience one of the sweetest treats we have to offer. Tree ripening allows the natural sugars to reach their peak. We grow ten varieties of Peaches that are available to harvest form early July through the month of August.

Cost $ 4 per hayrider,  Peaches are $1.89 per lb. (2016 supply is very short due to Spring frost. Please call ahead) The Discovery Barnyard/Animal Farm we will be offered to all paid hayriders at 1/2 price. (children $4 adults $2)peaches.corn.blues 004


We highly recommend that you Join our email list to get seasonal updates and find out what is going on at the farm. Picking dates can change by as much as a week or 10 days from year to year. Our Farm News Emails allow us to keep our customers informed and up to date on the picking season.